Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TigerBunny Opening Event

When I first thought of the concept for Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Axel Honey popped in my head! I met the sweet artist and jewelry designer, Melissa Contreras, back in 2005 and the rest is history! Last Saturday night was the first NELA art walk for 2011. So I was so excited to start off the year with happy looking art like Axel Honey's. The theme *TigerBunny* was created by Melissa Contreras, celebrating the transition of the Tiger to the Rabbit (Chinese zodiac signs). Along with Axel Honey's paintings and globes, Melissa brought her jewelry, cooshees + more for a pop-up shop! She also has a bunch of talented friends that collaborations with Axel Honey: Crowed Teeth, Cermae, Nadfly, Lady Gee, Lady Reine and Sweet Siren Designs! This was also my first ever event styled by Wilmarose of Lovely Jubilee. We dressed up as tigers and bunnies, got our faces painted by Gilma, grooved to DJ EV-1 and ate treats from these yummy delights: Fresh Fries, Lake Street Creamery and Maile's Fine Pastries *-*

Check out this fun stuff at my shop/gallery until February 6, 2011.

See photos of Axel Honey's ART + POP-UP SHOP

Axel Honey's paintings!
I dressed up a form in Lady Reine dress, Cermae bunny scoodie + Lady Gee hip pack!
Axel Honey artist Melissa Contreras dressed in her TigerBunny theme
Bunny punch & Drunken Tiger drinks by Lovely Jubilee
TigerBunny themed vegan chocolate cupcakes by Maile's Fine Pastries
Me and Wilmarose Orlanes from Lovely Jubilee
Me in my tiger hat talking to new friends
face painting tigers and bunny faces by Gilma
Lake Street Creamery

Fresh Fries
10 lucky customers got these special goodie bags!

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