Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Every since I opened up Leanna Lin's Wonderland in August 2010, I knew I wanted to share my love for BAGGU to my customers *-* I've been buying them personally since the company formed and have bought them to give as gifts (co-workers, friends, family, you name it). Well, not only does Wonderland have a bunch of fun colors + prints ... we also have our custom BAGGU bags designed by my graphic designer, Luis Jaime! There's too many words to describe BAGGU: foldable, strong, nylon, washable, holds a lot!, eco-friendly, hip, 80's neon, graphic, retro ... you name it!

When you shop at Leanna Lin's Wonderland with our logo BAGGU, then you get $ .25 off your total purchase, per bag + feel good that you're helping our earth.

Email me a photo of yourself carrying our logo BAGGU bag and if I post it, then you'll get another FREE Leanna Lin's Wonderland BAGGU bag (we have 3 colors to pick from: pink, green, grey)

1. Hang on hook or door for outgoing mail or things you need to do (like returns)
2. Use Baby Baggu to carry your lunch to work
3. Have restaurants put your take-out order in one
4. Groceries (surprise them on how much these bags can hold)
5. Take to the beach or picnic (these are so easy to throw in the washer and dryer)
6. Great for vacations when you need an extra bag for dirty laundry, shoes, etc.
7. Large Baggu as laundry bag
8. Large Baggu for those big bulk items, like toilet paper :)
9. Protect your purse from the rain or when you want to put it on the ground
10. Slip your arms through as a little backpack (my hair stylist told me about this)
11. Have a few handy when you have un-expected things to tote around (magazines, work stuff, etc.)
12. Hang in a closet to organize small things (socks, scarves, wallets/purses, etc.)
13. Bringing food to a pot luck
14. Baby stuff (diapers, wipes, toys, etc.)
15. Also check out a fun way to wrap presents in this video!

Me carrying the pink in Japan Town, San Francisco
Louie carrying the green + grey in Chinatown, Los Angeles


  1. Glad you love Baggu Sheilla! They are the best re-usable bags that I've ever used :)