Thursday, March 7, 2013

sneak peek for Kali Meadows + Campy Crush art shows opening this weekend

We're gearing up for this Saturday's 2nd art event of 2013!
This show has great elements of design, fashion, quirkiness, darkness + whimsy!

See below photos for a sneak peek of the gallery shows

March 9th (6-10pm)

Kali Meadows is an illustrator born and raised in Northern Michigan, 
now residing in sunny Los Angeles. She loves to draw and create daily 
with her loving corgi Zoey by her side. Much of her inspiration comes 
from a mix of mid-century to the modern day vector scene. 
She can be seen around town flea market shopping, hiking the hills of LA, 
and catching up on some improv comedy.

Centered around one of my favorite pieces "Bow Wow": featuring a dog in a headdress, 
I wanted to create a collection of pieces based on animals and the native culture. 
I had a lot of fun incorporating these elements and working in some cool typography
and patterns. The overall goal was to make each piece uplifting in hopes to 
spread a little joy into other's lives.

For more information, check out her fun website!


Esther Kim (top right) + Super Secret Pow Wow (bottom left)
Fawn Fruits (top) + Ambird (bottom)

Campy Crush is a Los Angeles based blog for people who love campy artsy things. 
New articles are posted daily that showcase "crush worthy" 
people and places in Southern California and occasionally elsewhere.
 Campy Crush was founded by Amy Osborne in 2012 as a way to 
share her favorite things and connect with like minded people. 
Her and her contributors are obsessed with pop culture, art, crafts, fashion, film, 
and discovering new places. The commentary is always humorous 
and subject matter is light and fun.

The title and theme of the art exhibition "Banana Split Ladies" 
is based on lyrics from the Siouxie and The Banshees song "Christine". 
"Christine" is about a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. 
The lyrics in the song create a story of multiple women with different styles 
and of course personalities: there is the Strawberry Girl, 
the Turtle Women and the Banana Split Lady. 

For more information, check out her fun website!

Wishcandy (left) + Elisa Sassi (right)
Rudy Fig (top) + Melissa Contreras (bottom)

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