Monday, April 15, 2013

Sketching Away in the middle of Wonderland

I love watching creative people do their thing! It's FUN!
So I decided to have a pop-up sketching event last Saturday with
Esther Kim, Junmarie, Sara M Lyons + JOSHR

If you want to see more photos, click HERE *-*

Sara M Lyons did a kick-ass job on these nail decal packs for my shop! 
I loved how she used her own art, 
along with Esther Kim's art from the current Banana Split Ladies show *-*

They are exclusive to Leanna Lin's Wonderland and you can get them here for $10 each.

Sara M Lyons + JOSHR
Esther Kim sketching her first sketch!
Custom sketch for A's Fashion Files of herself by Esther Kim + Yuri by Junmarie
Artists sketching away in the middle of Leanna Lin's Wonderland!
Junemarie and her custom sketch!
Sara M Lyons and her custom sketch!
Left to Right: Junmarie, Esther Kim, Me, Sara M Lyons + JOSHR

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