Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Happy Motto

Life is Short. EAT Dessert First! Quote from Jacques Torres.
This is a happy motto I like to live by :) I LOVE dessert! Cupcakes, cookies, bars ... oh my! Do you get giddy when you see a counter filled with beautiful desserts? I do! If I see a yummy delight, I have to taste it right away ~ while waiting for my regular food. De-lish!

The fun part (besides eating them) is the decorations! Flowers, dots, colors ... the creativity is limitless! My eyes go boggly while my head is spinning with ideas for my candy-like jewelry collections!

decorations ~ the flowers are cute!

adorable retro bathing suit w/cupcake print ~ Love the pink hair!

mini wedding cake with funny figurines of Louie & I!
(cake by Amber Pratt & figurines by Alma Vicencio)
photographed by Sara Terry

my wedding cupcakes by Amber Pratt
photographed by Sara Terry
Check out Amber's kitschy City Girl Aprons ~ inspired by her grandma!

Sara Terry is also the founder & director of The Aftermath Project

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