Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to LeeLee's Wonderland!

As a young girl I seemed to be fascinated with color, beads, art and fashion. It's no wonder that I turned my love into a career! So how did it all begin? At an early age I took a variety of art classes and started beading for fun. I remember going to flea markets with my mom, shopping for vintage jewelry and accessories. I used to break apart things and re-create my own jewelry. So when all was said and done, I am doing what I've always loved. So what inspires ME? Culture, art, fashion, and architecture are just a few of my inspirations. One of my favorite things to do is exploring my city, Los Angeles. I enjoy spending time with loved ones, going to the latest gallery and music events, the California sun.....and of course, my toy poodle Richy!

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