Friday, March 19, 2010

Electric Harajuku

This funky area is where the teenybop culture is. Above is the JR Yamanote line/Harajuku stop at the beginning of Takeshiti Dori, the street to buy trendy & cosplay fashion. The "Cosplayers" (crazy cartoon like costumes) hang out in front of the Meiji Jingu shrine, which is to the side of this station. Since I was there on Friday, I didn't get to see them (next time). ***below is how I explored the wonderful area of Harajuku throughout the day (scroll down because I posted a lot of photos)

Exit the JR Yamanote station & walk under the bubbly archway to Takeshiti Dori! Look at the trendy fashion, while enjoying a crepe! This is where I had fun looking at the Lolita fashion & fun jewelry for inspiration to my Leanna Lin jewelry line!

TOKYOFASHION.COM is also a great resource when researching the latest Tokyo fashion!

my eye went 1st to this cutest donut shop at side entrance to Takeshiti Dori
bubbly archway leading to the famous Takeshiti Dori street
one of many crepe stops on Takeshiti Dori
Cosplay boutique w/cute sales girls dressed as Lolitas
Bambi & Faline boutique w/dotty pink door!
Fafi (one of my favorite artists) had exclusive things in here!
Pet Paradise - quirky pet boutique
I had to get Richy a toy here!

After walking through Takeshita Dori it led to the higher end boutiques along Cat Street. Here there were more expensive + modern/hip boutiques (junior girl has grown up)! I also stumbled upon 2 unique jewelry stores called JAM HOME MADE (edgy + delicate) and DICOKICK (funky + graphic) ... I was officially inspired! Two other great stores for men + women were BEAMS stores (chain of Fred Segal-like stores) and KHAJU Ships Jet Blue (got a sparkly crystal pink star ring here :)
Modern architecture of JAM HOME MADE
There's Louie (my husband) w/Tim & Kyoko (our friends)
DICOKICK jewelry & accessories shop
airstream beer bar along Cat Street area
People walking along Cat Street area

Lastly we walked over the bridge to Kiddy Land, which is 5 stories of cuteness - I was in heaven! I had to get some hello kitty charms to make a necklace for myself :) Then we ended the shopping day wandering through Laforet Harajuku (levels of trendy boutiques). They love shopping malls in Tokyo & this caters to the hipper crowd ... tons of FUN!!! I found the Mademoiselle Yulia CD. She's an eccentric electronic DJ from Tokyo who has a jewelry line called Giza.
bridge across to Dior, MoMa & Kiddyland
*walk this street to Aoyama area to see amazing architecture
Kiddy Land - need I say more?!

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