Friday, March 19, 2010

Electric TOKYO

TOKYO is the one city that I've been wanting to visit for years! I've always been fascinated by the eclectic fashion, art, architecture & cute toys ... oh yeah, they also have the yummiest food, desserts & perfectly packaged treats!

January 2010: I finally took the plunge & started planning ... with the help of our dear friends, Tim & Kyoko (who were visiting their family). It's always an extra bonus when a local shows you the ropes *-*

*** After a 12 hr. flight & 2 hr. bus ride to the city, we finally made it!

Cherry Blossom season was almost here & people were in the spirits, creating it's flavored sweets w/delicate graphic packaging. It was also "White Day" (march 14th). This holiday is 1 month after Valentine's Day, where the men give gifts to women they like in return (on V-day women give gifts to the men that they like).

In the few next blogs, I'll be posting about areas that inspired me the most for my Leanna Lin jewelry collections!

*** I used these handy tools to get around: Tokyo Subway map, Wallpaper City Guide to Tokyo app, iPronunciation app & TimeOut Tokyo book!

TOKYOFASHION.COM is also a great resource when researching the latest Tokyo fashion!
row of vending machines on side street of Aoyama
cute posters in Ikebukuro station
looking out from the Shibuya station: one of the busiest hubs!

I whipped out my camera to get a shot of this Hello Kitty bus!
freshest fish bowls for lunch at the Tsukiji Market
best organic seasonal veggie tempura at Crayon House in Aoyama
best homemade black sesame ice cream w/fruit at Crayon House in Aoyama
our last meal in Tokyo: traditional Japanese breakfast at the Park Hotel
cherry blossom flavors at Starbucks & treats at airport, where we spent our last yen!


  1. How exciting Leanna!!! Art has been wanting to go, you need to tell us more!! xoxox- Marcela

  2. Marcela ~ We had a blast & we should hang out soon to catch up!

  3. I'm happy you went to Japan. I was there during the 2005-2006 winter holidays and I loved it. I want to go back. Thank you for sharing.