Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love & Other Fairy Tales by Mekanikku

Last Saturday, February 12th, was our first Valentine's themed art opening event! Styled by Wilmarose Orlanes of Lovely Jubilee ... Leanna Lin's Wonderland was transformed into *Love at Wonderland* with black/red/pink adorned the shop. Chocolate cake pops from Maile's Fine Pastries dessert bar were washed down with Swork coffee + hot chocolate, while Fry Smith served up fries with crazy toppings!

For this second saturdays NELAart gallery night, we celebrated Mekanikku's 1st solo show! Artist, Liane Shih, was inspired by her favorite fairy tale characters with a Harajuku twist. She created original paintings, hand painted doll couples + life size dolls for a tea party installation! Kokeshi versions of her dolls were created by Melody Hansen + I did a Leanna Lin Jewelry collection inspired by the show! Also, check out the *one-of-a-kind* piece I created using Mekanikku's handmade stuffed deer. You can't miss *Love & Other Fairy Tales* or it's limited edition prints, cards, buttons, cell cozies + jewelry! *** Check out Mekanikku's art, my jewelry + more event photos here! Show ends on March 27th.

Leanna Lin's Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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