Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love & Other Fairy Tales jewelry

Last October, Mekanikku came into my shop and showed me her hand painted dolls inspired by city girls (primary Tokyo). Artist, Liane Shih, haw tons of enthusiasm and her dolls immediately found a home at Wonderland! We talked about her 1st solo show and I was excited about doing a Leanna Lin Jewelry collection inspired by her work for *Love & Other Fairy Tales* I created pieces following Mekanikku's color palate of black, cherry red, bubble gum pink + turquoise (fun and bright). Excited to break into my collection of beads + charms: vintage Lucite, vintage glass, hearts + Harajuku charms I got from my Tokyo trip last march ... I started to play! I had the best time creating "Oh My Deer", which is a *one-of-a-kind* piece using Mekanikku's handmade stuffed deer head. See photos below + check out our work at my shop until March 27th, 2011.

Read more on the opening event and Mekanikku's art!

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